Matching, Sorting & Patterns

Matching, sorting, and patterns are simple math activities that show kids how math is used daily in the real world. As kids get older, these concepts can be applied to more advanced skills like coding.


Simple Sorting at Home

Sorted blocks stacked on a floor. Image from PBS Kids for Parents.

It is easy to forget that math is a part of our everyday lives. Use this activity to help your child notice differences, follow simple directions, sort objects, and identify patterns. These are important steps for data collection and analysis - which are a part of the scientific method!


Pattern Power

Colorful construction paper cut into hearts, squares, and triangles.

Practice creating and replicating patterns - an important math skill - with this simple activity.


Binary Bracelets

Different bracelets with colorful beads in repeating patterns. Image from PBS Kids for Parents.

Using the binary code you can show off your name on a really cool bracelet, keychain, or necklace.