illustration of sock sorting

Simple Sorting at Home

Turn everyday tasks into math activities.

  • Easy
  • Not Messy
  • 15 Minutes
  • Indoor or Outdoor

It is easy to forget that math is a part of our everyday lives.

Use this activity to help your child notice differences, follow simple directions, sort objects, and identify patterns. These are important steps for data collection and analysis - which are a part of the scientific method!


  1. Invite your child to help with the sorting you do every day around the house. Some examples include:
    • Let them help separate laundry in to light and dark piles.
    • Have them sort clothing items by family member.
    • Have them sort silverware into groups (i.e. forks, spoons, knives that are safe for children to handle)
    • Give them coins to sort by size or color - and if they are ready, by value!

How it works

Children use their natural processing skills to observe changes in the world around them. While they are sorting and making patterns they are learning that math is in the everyday world. They can then use these skills to recognize patterns in everyday life!