Grow Something

Plants help keep us alive as sources of oxygen, food and medicine. Try these activities to explore the exciting world of plants!


How do plants "drink" water?

Different plants in jars with dyed water display a broad range of colors. Image from PBS Kids for Parents.

You may know that you have to water plants to keep them alive, but how do plants get water from the soil into the parts they need? Try this experiment to learn how!


Watch a Seed Grow

A measuring cup, jar, and seeds for creating a seed growing experiment.

When seeds are in the soil, it is impossible to observe all of the stages of growth. Using fast-growing seeds in this experiment you and your child can closely monitor all of the stages of growth, from seed to stem to leaves!


Do Leaves Breathe?

Closeup of leaves and their veins. Photo by Adam Przeniewski on Unsplash

Plants use their leaves to recycle carbon dioxide and turn it into food for themselves and oxygen for us. In this experiment, you will create an environment where you can see this carbon dioxide/oxygen exchange happening!


Can you “water” plants with other liquids?

Photo looking down on several pots with green shoots starting to emerge from the soil. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Most seeds need warmth, light, and water to start growing. But what happens when you replace plain water with other types of liquids? Test them out using this experiment!

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