Water Play

Learn about an ordinary substance with extraordinary properties!


Sink or Float

Plastic tray full of water on the pavement with words written to the sides saying sink and float Activity adapted from PBS Kids for Parents.

This easy science activity can be done anywhere you can put a container of water. Try it in your backyard, the bathtub, or the kitchen sink!


Dancing Raisins

Glass full of water with some raisins next to it and superimposed with the text, ''I'm ready to bust some moves on the dance floor Activity adapted from PBS Kids for Parents.

Learn about density and displacement with this fun, easy experiment. Turn on some tunes and watch raisins bust a move!


Density Tower

Colorful layers of dyed water in a vase. Image CC BY-SA 4.0 George Spanos

This is a magical, slightly more advanced take on a sink or float experiment. Make colorful layers using liquids of varying densities, then experiment to see which items sink or float to each layer!


DIY Water Filter

A youngster pours water into her filter

Make your own water filter capable of removing dirt, heavy metals, and chemicals!