Outer Space!

Bring experiments from outer space down to Earth!


Flashlight Constellations

Drawings of patterns that can be overlaid on top of a flashlight to make constellation simulations.

For thousands of years, humans have looked up at the sky and told stories about the stars twinkling in the night.  In this activity, learn more about several well-known constellations as you read the stories and science behind them.


Air Pressure Rockets

Kids building an air pressure rocket out of foam

Can you make a rocket and figure out how to launch it without any fuel?


Solar Oven S'mores

Picture of a s'more - melted marshmallow and chocolate between graham crackers.

Can you cook a s’more without a fire or electricity? Transform a pizza box into a solar oven to harness the sun’s energy to make a s’more. It’s fun AND delicious!


Mars Egg Lander

Excited kids show off an egg that they will try to protect with their egg lander design.

NASA faced a huge challenge when they safely landed the Mars Exploration Rovers on the surface of Mars. Using an egg to represent the rover, can you design a capsule that would protect a raw egg dropped from several stories to the ground? Will your egg survive?

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