Human Bodies

Inspire your young scientist to learn scientific secrets of our bodies!



A girl holds up a container with green beverage and smiles to show that her teeth have been stained green.

Have you ever caught someone drinking straight out of the milk carton? Does saliva really wash back into the milk carton from your mouth when you take a drink? Show your kids what really happens when you test it together using powdered drink mix!


Reaction Time

Kids preparing to catch a dropping ruler to measure reaction time.

How fast can you react? Does your child think they will be the fastest? Does reaction time improve with practice? Find out using the ruler test! This experiment introduces neural pathways (connections between brain cells) in a fun, easy way!


Blood Pressure

Kid relaxing in a cross-legged position preparing to have her blood pressure measured.

Do your kids know how to find their heartbeat? Do they know what blood pressure is? Can different activities change blood pressure? Gather a group of friends or family members and try it!


Dental Decay

Girl wearing safety glasses holds up a cup of orange juice containing an animal tooth for testing.

You tell your kids to brush their teeth, but with this experiment, you can SHOW them what happens to tooth enamel using eggshells or shark teeth.


Strawberry DNA

A plate of bright red strawberries prepped for DNA extraction.

All living things store genetic information in DNA, but can you actually extract DNA from a plant and see it with the naked eye? Try it with this fun experiment!