Exploding Science

Have a blast learning about chemical or physical reactions that foam, fix, or explode!


Exploding Baggies

Ziploc bag laying in the grass exploding with a chemical reaction.

Combine a liquid and a solid and watch the chemical reaction that’s BIGGER than the components themselves!


Foam Fountain

A foaming fountain contained inside a tinfoil pan. Activity adapted from PBS Kids for Parents.

Create a fantastic foaming fountain with a few household ingredients!


Mentos® Explosion

Setup of mint candies about to be dropped into carbonated cola.

Are you ready for a blast? What is the secret behind the reaction between carbonated cola and little mint candies that makes such an explosion?


Bath Fizzies

Homemade fizzies creating bubbles in the bathtub.

Splish splash, let’s do science in the bath! Make your own bath fizzies and have fun exploring chemical reactions while taking a relaxing soak!